G8 Protests Timeline

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  • 23:23 ( Media activism )
    Goodbye from the Indymedia G8 Dispatch team
    Thanks to all the dispatchers and translators; thanks to everybody who called us; thanks to everybody out there who made the protests happen and successful. We had a lot of fun and we'll be back.
    Don't believe the hype!

  • 22:40
    Berlin: Following a spontaneous demonstration, about 300 people are still on Rosenthaler Platz in a relaxed atmosphere. Police are there with 4 squads and are surrounding the place, but people are able to pass through.

  • 21:45 ( Repression )
    Berlin: A rally of some 500 people has occupied Hackeschen Markt. There has been some police repression, but it seems the demonstration will able to move.

  • 19:20 ( Repression )
    The demonstration at the detention centre has effectively come to an end. Between 100 and 150 people are still around, but it looks as if they, too, will leave soon.

  • 18:00 ( Repression )
    Berlin police have arrived at the detention centre in the Ulmen Strasse. There are still around 200 people protesting. They want to stay despite the organisers' announcement that the demo has officially ended. There are police de-escalation teams around and so far the demonstration has been peaceful.

  • 17:50 ( Repression )
    People returning to Berlin report occasional police control at Spandau train station. Police seem to be Particularly looking for people returning from the protests around Heiligendamm.

  • 16:30 ( Repression )
    The solidarity demonstration from the Frieda media centre has been legalised and will take a different route to the detention centre in Ulmenstrasse. Around 500 people are present.

  • 15:20 ( Blockades Repression )
    Around 300 people are standing in front of the police lines in Friedrichstrasse. Another hundred are in Warnowufer, where police have blocked the street and are ordering people to leave the cross roads.

  • 15:00 ( Repression )
    Two water cannons have been positioned before the demonstration at Friedrichsstrasses.

  • 14:55 ( Repression )
    Around 1,000 people are on Friedrichsstrasse. Police have put on their helmets and want to speak to one of the 'leaders of the gathering'.

  • 14:45
    In a spontaneous protest, between 1,000 and 1,500 people are making their way from the final demonstration towards the detention centre in Ulmenstrasse.

  • 14:20
    The the demonstration in Kuehlungsborn is proceeding to the beach.

  • 14:10 ( Blockades )
    The clown from Kuehlungsborn has been freed again. The street is still blocked at the moment.

  • 13:55
    The majority of people have now arrived to the final destination of the demonstration and the first speeches have begun. The mood is positive.

  • 13:50
    In Kühlungsborn a bus from Camp Wichmannsdorf was stopped by the police. A clown was taken into custody. Around 100 people have now announced a spontaneous demonstration past the Press HQ to the beach.

  • 13:45 ( Blockades )
    Around 60-70 people are blockading a Shell petrol station in Evershagen. Nine police emergency vehicles are at the location but are holding back.

  • 13:40 ( Repression )
    At least four cases of people being taken into custody have been observed. One has been let go again, the other three are being taken to the detention centre. The demonstrators from the train station have arrived; police are holding them back. People are allowed to go through individually but the demonstrators want to go further together.

  • 13:20 ( Repression )
    Berlin police units are aggressively trying to single people out. The legal teams are there, too, trying to defuse the situation. Many incidents of people being taken into custody have been observed.

  • 13:15 ( Repression )
    Neue Markt is filled with people. Police are gathering forces and practically surrounding the square. People can leave but not enter without being controlled.

  • 12:45
    Several hundred people move in a spontaneous demonstration to the harbour, where the final rally has already arrived. People who are going from the train station to the final demonstration meeting point are being police-checked.

  • 11:45 ( Repression )
    Hundreds of people coming on the train from Bad Doberan have arrived at Rostock train station. Some cops try to push them out, others want to stop-and-search everybody at the entrance. The situation is peaceful but not under police control. Eventually, police seem to give up searching everybody but people have to give bottles away.

  • 07:17 ( Blockades )
    Protesters on the Börgerende blockade are slowly preparing to leave. After negotiations with the police, a demonstration to Bad Doberan was allowed, where it will meet people from the eastern gate blockade. Together they will travel to Rostsock by train, then march from the railway station to the final rally at the harbour.


  • 23:00 ( Blockades Repression )
    The use of water cannons at the western gate blockade has injured five people so badly that they had to be taken into hospital. Among them was a DPA photographer, who was treated on the spot for an eye injury. It is likely that two of the injured will have to stay in hospital. One person sustained a severe eye injury and the other a ripped ear drum. Both injuries were caused by a direct hit from the water cannons.

  • 21:25 ( Blockades )
    Eastern gate: Party. Many of the blockaders are dancing to the music of a soundsystem...

  • 20:00 ( Camps )
    Evershagen CC: Police have left the convergence centre. However, Nazis are still being spotted in the area. Many activists are staying, food and music...

  • 19:45 ( Alternative Summit Repression )
    The Dutch Media Bus and all 'passengers' and equipment have been freed. The bus is now available for use at Camp Reddelich.

  • 19:30 ( Camps Repression )
    Evershagen CC: Police have announced that they will remain around the convergence centre in order to "separate left- and right-wing people". They also said they won't enter the convergence centre compound. People are allowed to go in and out but have to be police-checked and searched for 'weapons'. The popular kitchen will be allowed to bring in food.

  • 19:00 ( Antifa Camps )
    Evershagen Convergence Centre, Rostock: Around 7pm, between 50 and 70 Nazis had gathered near the centre. Aware of the Nazis' plans to confront the centre, anti-G8 protesters had gathered at the centre to protect it from a possible Nazi attack. Most of the Nazis, however, were encircled and detained by police. At the moment, police are amassing around the Convergence Centre. Negotiations between activists and police are taking place and the situation is rather calm.

  • 18:20 ( Blockades )
    Western gate: About 300 people are still in the woods. The situation is calming down. There are still water cannons on the street. No delegates cars have been seen passing through the gate.

  • 18:15 ( Blockades )
    Börgerende: About 300 people are still on the blockade. The mood is generally good, although the People's Kitchen couldn't make it to the blockade. Protesters want to stay overnight.

  • 17:25 ( Blockades Repression )

    The Street Medics have asked police medics for help to treat a severely injured person on the demo.

  • 16:50 ( Blockades Repression )
    Western gate: Police start to disperse people from area. There is massive use of water cannons and police units are violently attacking the protesters. Several people have been injured.

  • 16:35 ( Blockades )
    Börgerende: The blockade is continuing. Some 400 people are sitting peacefully in middle of the road and are planning to stay there for a second night.

  • 16:30 ( Blockades )
    Western gate: Police are using water cannons against protesters. Protesters are holding a plenary meeting to discuss options for further activities. Some G8 delegates are reported to have been able to pass through the gate, escorted by police.

  • 15:45 ( Blockades )
    Western gate: Police are blocking the road with water cannons. A car with G8 delegates had to wait for over 45 minutes and eventually had to return back. Some 2,000 people are spread throughout the fields next to the fence and are repeatedly trying to get onto the road. The mood amongst the protesters is great.

  • 14:50
    Major 'breakthrough' in G8 negotiations: according to media reports, the G8 leaders have agreed to "consider" a reduction of green house gas emissions by 50% by 2050.

  • 14:30 ( Blockades )
    Western gate: Police reinforcements have were brought in by helicopters. Blockaders have slowly retreated and spread along the fence. Some 1,000 are sitting by the fence, while another 3,000 are moving through the fields next to it.
    Eastern gate: Hundreds of people are walking along the fence.

  • 14:25 ( Blockades )
    Western gate: a naked bloc of 40 people have arrived and started running towards the helicopter parked in the field next to the gate.

  • 14:00 ( Alternative Summit )
    The Alternative Summit has come to an end. The concert starts.

  • 14:00 ( Media activism Repression )
    According to the German News Agency (DPA), special police department Kavala have denied that an undercover policeman was uncovered at one of the blockades yesterday. The lawyers group RAV, on the other hand, says that at least 5 undercover cops were involved in that same situation. RAV will sue the German tabloid Bild because of its coverage of the incident. Bild had suggested that violent protesters had protected the undercover cop.

  • 13:25 ( Blockades )
    Hinter Bollhagen: About 1,000 protesters are spread along the fence. Police do not seem to be able to cope with it, notwithstanding the massive reinforcements.

  • 12:30 ( Blockades )
    For more than 24 hours now, the blockades of the routes to Heiligendamm have been in place. In Börgerende and at the "race track", activists continue to blockade the roads, while at the western gate police have violently dispersed blockaders.

  • 12:00 ( Blockades )
    Hinter Bollhagen, western gate: the small group of about 300 hundred people was pushed violently by police to join the bigger 2500-people group. Police are holding the street, protesters are holding the fields. There is confrontation, with police pushing back using tear gas, water cannons and batons and protesters coming back holding banners and trying to regain the road.

  • 12:00 ( Repression )
    Legal update: Eight fast-track trials took place yesterday. Six people were convicted to 6-10 months without probation, while two have been released on probation. Since Sunday, there have been at least 700 arrests.

  • 11:15 ( Blockades )
    Hinter Bollhagen: More cops, with water cannons, are arriving at the crossroads just before the western gate of the fence and have closed the road leading there. The Reddelich group have emerged from the forest and arrived there too. People are dispersing into the fields. Meanwhile, about 200 people are at the gate surrounded by cops. They have been given the first warning to leave.

  • 10:45 ( Blockades )
    Bad Doberan: The overnight blockade at the eastern gate of the fence is still holding up and protesters have agreed to stay further. More people are arriving with food, and more cops, too. Some 20 police vans and a tank have just left the site, presumably to the western gate, where some 2,000 people from Camp Reddelich are expected to arrive.

  • 09:00 ( Blockades )
    About 2,000 people from Camp Reddelich have arrived at Steffenshagen and are continuing their march further north.

  • 09:00 ( Repression )
    The overnight vigil in Ulmenstrasse in solidarity with detainees is still there. The 7 participants said they would be happy with some support.

  • 08:30 ( Blockades )
    Between 1,500 and 2,000 have left Camp Reddelich and are walking through the fields up north towards the fence.

  • 07:00 ( Blockades Repression )
    Between 70 and 80 people have been arrested at the 105 road barricade and have been taken to the detention centre in Industriestr.

  • 05:40 ( Blockades Repression )
    Two barricades were built on the 105 road at the crossroads leading to Bartenshagen. Some 40 people are penned by police, while two smaller groups are also penned in the wood nearby. One police car was allegedly attacked by a colour bomb. Police have now started to clear the barricade but the road is still blocked. Two journalists were arrested, their press passes taken and stamped "invalid".

  • 05:30 ( Camps Repression )
    Over 20 police police cars were making some noise outside Camp Reddelich very early in the morning again. The Camp's security turned the alarm on and people were awaken. Police 'assured' them that they did not want to storm the camp but was only because a large group of people had left the camp and formed barricades nearby. All police cars have left now but there is still a helicopter hovering overheard.

  • 04:00 ( Blockades )
    About 200 autonomous protesters tried to get to the security fence at about 4.30am this morning, but stopped shortly after Reddelich after clashes with the police, who managed to take possession of the barricade they had built near Steffenshagen, then dismantled it, whilst protesters took to the fields and nearby woods.


  • 23:30 ( Repression )
    Rostock: 8 people are doing a vigil at the detention centre in Ulmenstr., Rostock and intend to stay there overnight.

  • 22:00 ( Blockades )
    All remaining blockades have decided to stay overnight. In Boergerende, there are about 600 people; about 120 between Nienhagen and Rethwisch; and about 500 at the eastern gate near Bad Doberan.

  • 21:15 ( Repression )
    Legal update: So far 200 arrests have been made today, of which 60-70 were in a parking lot near the Rostock Laage airport. Two lawyers were not allowed through but, instead, warned that if they came back they would be arrested. At both detention centres in Ulmen and Industriestr., all lawyers were kicked out of the the lawyers room. An alternative media bus from Amsterdam was seized by police and the driver was physically forced to drive the bus. A Stern photographer was arrested for "inciting violence".

  • 21:00 ( Blockades )
    Between 800 and 1,000 people are still on the blockade at Gate 2 (Bad Doberan). They all now sitting together in one big blockade and prepare to stay overnight. Police is staying at the back. Other people either went back to the camps or dispersed into the woods.

  • 20:00 ( Camps Repression )
    The situation in Camp Rostock seems to relax now as police cars drive away. Meanwhile, the situation at the Boergerende blockade seems to have calmed down too. Police are hold back and there are no signs of an eviction. Approx 1,500 people are still holding up in Boergerende, 1,000 at the 'gallop course' at Gate 2 of the fence.

  • 19:30 ( Camps Repression )
    Camp Rostock: Police are still stationed with substantial forces round the camp. Legal teams are present and negotiations are going on. Police want to search the Camp but have not shown, however, a search warrant - only a request. So, for now, there is no legal basis for a search of the Camp. At the moment there about 3,000 people in the Camp.

  • 19:00 ( Media activism Repression )
    The Amsterdam Media Bus has been seized by police, the pretext being that they had suspicions that there may have been a priate radio station run from the bus.

  • 19:00 ( Blockades Repression )
    An NDR reporter was overheard reporting that there are Molotovs on the big blocade at the eastern gate of the fence. When he was confronted by protesters as to where he got that from, he said he was depending on information from the German News Agency (DPA). However, when their correspondent there was asked about it, he said he hadn't seen nothing and "they" probably got that from DPA. Meanwhile, cops are now walking among protesters, a provocative action in itself, according to the organisers. They, too, were overheard that they were searching for 'evidence' to prove the story.

  • 18:55 ( Blockades Repression )
    About 100 police cars and two water cannons are standing outside Camp Rostock. Allegedly 100 policemen are standing next to the International Hedonistist barrio and another 400 surrounding the Camp. The situation has not escalated, however.

  • 18:50 ( Blockades )
    Gate II, Galopprennbahn (near Bad Doberan): Several thousand people are still on the blockade. The situation is relatively calm and peaceful but police units of one hundred are charging into the crowd every now and then withdraw again. There has been no confrontation and so far no arrests. Police units running into the crowed are apparently going back and reporting to their commanders about 'masked people'.

  • 18:35 ( Blockades Repression )
    The Dutch Media Bus is stopped and surrounded by police in Bad Doberan.

  • 18:25 ( Blockades Repression )
    Situation at the Boergerende blockade becomes more tense. Police are trying to surround the protest, using batons. 1,500-2,000 people, however, continue the blockade. So far there has been at least one arrest.

  • 18:15 ( Blockades Repression )
    The sit-down blockade in Hinter Bollhagen near Gate 1 has been forecfully dissolved by police. Protesters are withdrawing, some having been hurt by pepper spray and batons.

  • 18:00 ( Blockades )
    Police have announced that they will prevent food supplies to activists at blockades. Water and meals are not being let through any more. A doctor had requested that Disaster Control provide blankets for protesters as they face the provision of cold. Police, however, have not approved this.

  • 17:35 ( Blockades Repression )
    Hinter Bollhagen: A peaceful sit-down blockade near Gate I of the fence, with approximately 100 participants, is being brutally dispersed by police. A water cannon is being used and cops are reportedly beating people up.

  • 17:20 ( Blockades Repression )
    Police start to flog into the front rows of the blockade in Boergerende. At the same time, heavy equipment is being moved towards Rethwisch.

  • 16:30 ( Blockades )
    Up to 1,000 people are walking by the fence towards Hintert Bollhagen.

  • 15:50 ( Blockades Repression )
    The clowns at the Western Gate in Hinter Bollhagen were penned in by a Snatch Squad in black uniform for a while. They were then ordered to leave the place or get arrested and were escorted to Kühlungsborn. The Western Gate is now deserted.

  • 15:25 ( Blockades )
    Police have brought in two water cannons and a sweeping tank at Gate II. The atmosphere is slightly tense and the blockade is slowly moving backwards.

  • 15:15 ( Blockades )
    At present about 2,000 people are on the blockade in Rethwisch. They are spread over approximately 1km. The atmosphere is relaxed. Water supplies have arrived but the food is hindered by cops at Admannshagen.

  • 15:15 ( Blockades )
    Except for some 30 clowns and 30 cops facing each other about 200m off the fence, everything else seems to be calm.

  • 13:55 ( Blockades )
    More than 2,000 people are still on the road block in Boergerende-Rethwitsch. The police occupied the crossroads after Rethwitsch leading to Bad Doberan and Boergerende-Rethwitsch.

  • 13:50 ( Blockades )
    The four registered rallies/blockades surrounding the Rostock-Laage airport have all ended now. Protesters were almost outnumbered by police, accompanied by some army in armoured vehicles.

  • 13:35 ( Blockades )
    A motorway blockade on the A19 has been brutally ended. About 60 people were arrested.

  • 13:15 ( Blockades )
    Gate 2 (Bad Doberan): Police are removing the 50 or so activists, who were sitting in front of the gate, some 300 meters away, where a large group of protesters are standing.

  • 12:45 ( Blockades )
    Today, the Federal Constitutional Court confirmed the complete ban of demonstrations against the G8. The alliance "Sternmarsch" (march starting from several locations towards one place) is not going to register further events. A speaker said: "We don't consider ourselves responsible for the course of events in actions and demonstrations. The democratic path has been closed for us".

  • 12:40 ( Blockades Repression )
    The 200 or so people blocking Doberanstr. near Rethwisch are being forcefully removed to the side of the road. There is a large police presence, accompanied by water cannons. No arrests have been reported.

  • 12:30 ( Blockades )
    The blockade from Admannshagen have successfully gone round the police lines, and more than 500 people are on their way to the 'Küstenstrasse'. At the Eastern Gate (II), demonstrators have started to dismantle the Nato barbed wire.

  • 12:30 ( Blockades )
    The big demonstration at Gate II of the fence seems calm, although a large number of cops are present. Protesters say most of the roads have been blocked, either by protesters or police, except for a small road through with some delegates are said to have been 'smuggled'.

  • 11:55 ( Blockades )
    10.000 people are blocking the G8. More than 5.000 have settled down directly in front of the police-controlled gate 2 of the Fence in Bad Doberan. Six helicopters have dispatched 100 police in front of the blockade.

  • 11:55 ( Blockades )
    Organisers say there are over 10,000 people on the blockades. Some 5,000 have 'settled down' directly in front of the police-controlled Gate 2 of the Fence in Bad Doberan. Six helicopters have dispatched 100 police in front of the blockade and 2 water cannons are standing by. No arrests or serious injuries have been reported there yet.

  • 11:15 ( Blockades )
    A few 'fingers' have made it through police lines and police are now withdrawing gradually to catch up with them.

  • 11:15 ( Blockades )
    Official vehicles of delegations are on the road from Lichtenhagen via Elmenhorst towards Nienhagen.

  • 11:00 ( Blockades )
    About 2,000 in the fields near Admanshagen are being chased and confronted by police, who started using water cannons and tear gas. A few people affected by tear gas are being treated by medics. Police are refusing to talk to anyone, including legal teams and organisers. A few helicopters are still hovering overhead. Meanwhile, the 105 road is still blocked by police.

  • 10:30 ( Blockades )
    Evershagen: Like a lot of other places, both entrances into the Evershagen Convergence are 'blocked' by two police vans each. People coming in and out are being checked and their names/photos compared to police profiles from previous days.

  • 09:50 ( Blockades )
    More than 2000 people near Admannshagen are leaving across the fields along the country lane towards the demonstration exclusion zone. Police seems to be a bit stretched. About 30 vehicles were stopped on the motoway towards Rostock-Laage, kilometer 96,5.

  • 09:30 ( Blockades )
    Approximately 1,500 people are now at the rally at Admannshagen. The mood is good. People from Camp Wichmannsdorf have left. Hardly any police.

  • 09:00 ( Blockades )
    About 5,000 people from Reddelich, mostly from Block the G8, have reached the demonstration exclusion zone near the village of Brodhagen. A sound system has also just arrived. Trying to get past the police lines, they are now walking through the fields. 8 helicopters are hovering overhead.

  • 09:00 ( Blockades )
    People have left Camp Wichmannsdorf. Not many police can be seen around.

  • 08:30 ( Blockades )
    About 300 people have gathered in a field near Admannshagen (about one mile north of the 105 road). Police are searching people who approach the place but they let them through. Relaxed atmosphere at the junction Bargeshagen (105) as well. Police controls on the road in the direction Admannshagen.

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