The media today has inevitably a lot to do with technology. Unfortunately the unequal access to this technology leads to barriers and creates hierarchies. For indymedia, as a project with anti-hierarchical and emancipatory principles, this is a serious problem. If you have the skills or access to media equipment, you should consider how other active people can profit from this.

You could for example, offer workshops about journalistic work or video editing. You could help others to configure their computers or show them how certain programmes function. If you have something like an infoshop, you could also consider if you can offer a (semi) open PC-workspace, perhaps with a scanner and (nearly) cost free internet access, so that as many people as possible have access to information on the internet and can publish their own stories.


The independent media centre is an initiative from grassroots groups with the goal to produce media and to distribute information on the struggle for social justice worldwide, in order to support these movements.

indymedia is the collective concern of many independent local groups and will never be supported or financed by an official organisation or sponsored through advertising.

Therefore individual financial support is very important. If you would like to support indymedia financially, here is our bank account number:

Recipient (Empfänger): Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V.

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

Account number (KontoNr.): 302 98 03
Bank number (Bankleitzahl): 100 205 00
Keyword (Stichwort): Indymedia

Don't forget the keyword “Indymedia”. Unfortunately we cannot issue donation receipts.

All work in indymedia is 100% independent and voluntary. We need money to run the servers, to aquire equipment for our work and to keep it all running. The support of media initiatives in other countries, where independent journalistic work is significantly harder than Germany, is also one of our goals. We also require money and equipment for this.

Equipment donations

Of course donations of gear are also very welcome. A list of required equipment is being worked on.

Whoever has technical equipment to donate can contact the tech list: imc-germany-techä [video gear, PC's Pentium 200MHz or faster, Monitors larger than 17 inch, scanners, laser printers, etc.]