Indymedia DIY

It's great if you are interested in being active in Indymedia – especially if you know what direction you can take. Here you can find an explanation of everything you can do with Indymedia.

The coordination/planning/work for Indymedia takes place primarily over email lists. These lists are separated into different themes and areas of work. The links under the topics below will take you to infopages where you can subscribe to individual lists. On the infopages you will also find links to the list archives. You can also read these archives to get an idea of what is discussed on each list.

The German language lists are as follows:

  • Contact
    Questions/suggestions for the Moderation Group can be sent to the following address: imc-germany-kontaktä
  • Reporting
    Do you want to write texts/articles/reports? Great! You can publish them right now with the publishing form on the homepage.
  • Audio
  • Video
    If you want to do something with video, then you'll find a lot to do...
    • ou can publish your videos on the website at any time under the category 'Video'.
    • Videos with a high image quality can be published over the Indymedia Video Distribution Network.
    • You can exchange ideas with other video activists on the Video list.
    • European Newsreal
      If you would like to make your video work available for distribution or if you would like to aquire films, then take a look at this website: The Newsreal crew coordinate themselves on this list.
    • Cinema
      When you have some clips that you like, then of course you can organise a small screening. Just find a few like-minded people in your town/region, videos from Indymedia and rent a cinema, place a projector in a public space or ... Be creative!
  • Print
    Print editions are small Indymedia papers that you can contribute articles to or help with layout.
  • Translation
    If you can speak other languages and enjoy translation, then you have two possiblities.
  • Germany list
    This is the general list for all interested people in Germany. Here all possible topics are brought up for discussion.
  • Editorial
    The purpose of this list is to provide help with writing or researching articles, exchange info with other writers and to be involved in the selection of features.
  • Tech
    If you want to make your technical talent available to the Indy collective: then go ahead! Technical themes and tasks are worked on over this list. If you would like to take part in Indymedia software development, then take a look at Mir.

There are of course many more Indymedia email lists worldwide. You will find a complete list here:

But look out!

The email traffic on some lists can be very sporadic – for a while there may be nothing and then during large campaigns etc. it can be very busy. So don't get irritated because of this.

In any case:

Have fun!

Great that you're here!