Mailing Lists

An important part of communication in Indymedia is over email lists. In this way, activists in different towns and parts of the world can discuss and plan projects together.

The lists are hosted at:
There you will find a list of all Indymedia mailing lists.

Don't let yourself be discouraged by the large number of lists – many of these lists are only used by other local collectives or are for specific themes.

When you follow the link to an individual list, you will find an infopage where you can subscribe (and of course at any time unsubscribe).

To begin with subscribing to the list is perhaps not necessary, as you will find on the infopage a link to the list archive. There you can see what is discussed on the lists and if it is of interest to you.

English is spoken on most of the lists, but there are also some German language lists. There are for example:

Everything that is sent over these lists is viewable on the internet at! Search machines will also index these pages.


Please pay attention to the very open nature of the Indy mailing lists.
Everything sent to these lists is viewable on the internet at Search machines will also index these pages. On one hand this is great, because it simplifies communication immensely. Also someone who isn't (yet) subscribed to a list can still be informed. On the other hand, it is necessary to behave very responsibly with regards to information you send across the list - especially when it comes to names and phone numbers. Please keep this in mind when sending emails to the lists.