Bericht zur Demo vor der Botschafts Malis

"Freedom Not Frontex" March 15.03.2014 11:21 Themen: Antirassismus Globalisierung Militarismus Repression Soziale Kämpfe Weltweit
Mali ambassador refuses to address demonstrators on alleged deportation deal between the governments of Germany and Mali: € 100 million in "development aid" against "deportation aid".
Photos:, Berlin, 6.30pm At 11 AM on Thursday, 13.03.2014, when our demonstration was scheduled to begin in front of the Embassy of Mali in Berlin located on the first floor of a commercial building in Kurfürstendamm 72, there were merely one or two visible German police officers stationed in front of the entrance and only few more were nearby. This was a notable contrast to the majority of registered demonstrations by refugee protests in Berlin. Even as groups of mostly young and outraged demonstrators started to pour in over the course of the next hour, the police neglected to upgrade the security at the entrance. It should have been little surprise to anyone when approximately a third of the 60 protesters went into the building, in an attempt to ask the highest representative of Mali in Germany to issue a public statement on an alleged deal between the two governments: “development aid” in exchange for “deportation aid”. A controversial article published on March 5, 2014, on the news site ( accuses her “Excellency” of being complicit in this state-organized human trafficking. According to the journalist, she pushes her most destitute compatriots into signing a voluntary deportation agreement by offering them a ridiculous sum of 800€ and by threatening that if they refuse the offer, they will have to leave Germany. Only once demonstrators were already in the entrance hall of the building, the police – finally reacting – blocked the door, which led to an almost explosive atmosphere in front of the building. In the ensuing cacophony, the police were shouting in German to demonstrators who answered mostly in French. The police refused to provide translation. As the anger at the police forces blocking the way to the ambassador grew, three persons – one “non-citizen” and two “citizens” – were arrested. The first one was arrested for “civil disorder” (“Landfriedensbruch”) and two more are charged by the police with trying to free their comrade (versuchte “Gefangenenbefreiung”). All three were transferred to a pre-charge detention centre (“Gefangenensammelstelle”). The two citizens were released in the afternoon, while the non-citizen of color was released only after facing a magistrate ("Haftrichter") on late Saturday afternoon.A criminal charge of trespassing (“Hausfriedensbruch “) was brought against the person who registered the demonstration, a French citizen. This charge was brought by the police and not by the landlord who, according to the police, withdrew his charge. She was also charged for not preventing 20 persons from entering the building and thus violating the terms of the demonstration.All four proceedings ("Verfahren") are still ongoing. After approximately 45 minutes, massive police reinforcement cleared the building of the demonstrators. Now, there were two walls separating the protesters from their goal: a wall of armed police officers and the words of the President of the Young Malian Association in Berlin. Since the early morning, he had proved enduring, yet unsuccessful, in his attempts to discourage his unprivileged compatriots to cancel their protest, which he deemed to have been ignited by false information.The ambassador refused to appear to make a public statement. Instead, two subordinates appeared, in a vain attempt to get rid of the noisy protesters. The latter were told they should leave in exchange for the promise of a phone call with her secretary the next morning at 10 am to set up a meeting, in which the ambassador would meet three representatives of the protest. At 4 PM when the embassy closed, the end of the demonstration was declared after a final call: “We separate now only to unite again soon: on our freedom march from Strasbourg to Brussels in May and June 2014 when we will carry our protest to the European stage.”By 4:30 PM everything had been packed up and the protesters had peacefully dispersed.Witnesses or people in possession of witness material (footage, photographs, recordings) are kindly asked to get in touch with us : singenfuerdiefreiheit@hotmail.comPressebeiträge:,10809296,26546192.html eines (etwas verspäteten aber grosszügigen) Demonstranten:
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whitetrash 15.03.2014 - 14:01
the link to the photo-album doesnt work. the facebook-side "refugeesinberlin" (a activist had on his tshirt, so people joining the action could believe that this is reclam for a online possibility to reach the people fighting for refugee-rights) doesnt exist anymore.

please take care that you arrivable via internet, because its the best way to support you, to let people inform about you and give the chance to share quick informations which maybe could help you in what you wanna do.


Asking for Options to support on legal way

using my personal identity as EU citizen 15.03.2014 - 14:06
I was so free to allows my self to send the EU justice commission follow report and question about legal situation:

subject: Conflict between Refugees and Mali Embassy in Berlin/Germany which was escalated by german Police payed with german taxes

body of message:

Randomly I took part today as visitor of a manifastation in front of the embassy of mail in berlin on konrad-adenauer-place. a group of refugees tryed to enter the embassy to ask the embassy of mali if its true that they allowed the office of imigration in berlin to force mali people to get deported by their "free will", in the way to pay them 800 eur for this (even they paid much more to come to europa), because the refugees from lampedusa came over italy of them self and trying to get the acception of the german state for their in italy given papers to get a legal status here in europa, germany.

the embassy closed their open speaking time (even for german people and other european people; so they using german taxes paid rooms and places in a house with international organisations and companys, but do not work as they are official giving as reason to be allowed to get all this privileques), and send a guy from a glub of "mali people in berlin", but the refugees dont like him because he is not represanting the mali people he is also represanting the people of mali which let them selv assimilate into german society. the refugees dont want become assimilated, they want stay free and want become free european people. not slaved by white people, on same level as everyone else. and even they staying in berlin, they are not registrated here so in my eyes this guy is not legitimated to speak for them in the name of embassy so the embassy is doing very lot of strange things without any sence. The police showed up. firts the "normal" streetpolice, than later the riotpolice, also the secretservice police ,stateprotection (for politicial observing public situations). in my eyes its not clear if the police was allowed to interrupt in this conflict between the refugees and the embassy because its not clear if this was public space or private space.

anyway there was no solution today. the refugees stopped the manifastation at arround 16.00 pm and told they want come again tomorry to try to speak to the embassy. (which said they wanna speak with some of them, but the refugees dont want become splitted, they all want be allowed to be part of the dialoque to use their rights as people from africa, and today they also said they will talk to the people but they lied ...nothing happend, so its unrealistic that they will do anything tomorrow). the refugees said they will if neccacery storm the embassy, which could criminilase the camp in kreutzberg where the refugees stay on the street in tants. this also could bring problems to the other people from africa came over lampedusa for example in hamburg.

so I was talking today to any respons people but dont have any clear mission, I am asking private; can you tell me a person or a organisation I can ask for the conrete right and legal situation of these people here in germany and in mali to help them to get their rights here in berlin? the chief of the police said because "wiener abkommen" they had to defend the embassy, but I think thats bullshit! It cant be legal that the german police is interrupting an internal conflict between two sides from the same country. The embassy have a own security service, its not legal in my eyes that they use german taxes to defend them self against their own people!

is it possible that you help me or the refugees? the next manifastation is suposed to be tomorrow at 10.00am. central european time. in berlin.

thank you very much.

answer of EU Justice Commission:

Asylum is a fundamental right and the EU has a duty to protect those in need.
EU Member States have the responsibility to welcome asylum seekers in a dignified manner, ensuring they are treated fairly and that they can have effective and prompt access to the asylum procedure.
The European Commission however is not in a position to intervene in the examination process by a Member State's competent authority on anyone's asylum claim.

my last request:

thank you. who is able to intervene in these processes and controll the member states if they really realise this right and protect the asylum seekers against repression or give them advance to do something against the unright of some institutions inside a member state supporting unright coming from their own embassy?

- no answer yet -

Informations about Police-Forces

Dredd 15.03.2014 - 14:56
The following Informations maybe not complete. Reasons for this is it was very chaotic

(also from side of the demonstrants

1. which were all the time speaking personal to singular police-persons or let them self interrupt by their action from singular police-persons which arent allowed to speak anything to them after german police rules because the singular police person is just executive not autorisated to give legal advices or analysate the situation! the event was a political action registrated so protected by the law of germany; only the activists are allowed to decide how the action is going as long as they have this right got from the politic and justice which is the case as long as the event is registrated and from the police accepted, so if the police is the meaning the action is breaking any law they must inform a JUDGE or a politican to ask if they are allowed to interrupt the action or disclaim it to be finish, as long as they dont do this the action is legal and as long as this is the case this action rules are made by the activists not by singular police persons!

2. which had no orders to diciplinate their own activists. which were speaking all the time with foreign people which were not part of the action (for example the police and the leader of the organisation of berlin mali citizens) unstead to their own activists. a lot of them gave the feeling to have problems with white people, so they talked only to each other or with racist blacks breaking their own political spirit with their own racism. some others were trusting white people without giving them authority to speak in their name so they couldnt do anything to help them. some others were giving authority to journalists and political persons saying they are theyr friends even these people were not able to do the job in the name of the political envirement they complaining they coming from. And there was no orgnisation between the different supporters from germany trying to help the people making the manifastation. the translation for everyone (there were different languages) were also very less.)

and it is very dangerious to collect even legal informations from police because they forbidd every kind of controll of their work, even they must let them self controlled by the german public ! So a lot of police persons were hiding their service-number, their names, were hiding their faces with sunglasses, were not answering to questions about their authority and unit, were not giving information about the legal situation of their orders. There were NO judge and NO politican involved. the criminal police which have the inofficial name "state protection" because they having the job to "observe political groups in german public" (landeskriminalamt, quick form: LKA) which is NOT the same as the verfassungsschutz (which is a secret service observing activitys in germany dangerious for democratic system and collect informations without having police rights to give them in the hand of the politic so they can use them to give them to the lawer of state so it can give them to the police so they can do something against crime coming out of this observed structures) were without any legal source ordering this police action ! also the lawyer of the state were creating a job for itself without having any legal situation giving it a right do to that ! also the police leader were creating facts for it job without having any legal authority to do that in the way how he did. (for example he said he must protect the embassy because "Wiener Abkommen" The Wiener Abkommen is only quilty for NATO-Members! Mali is NOT member of the NATO! So the police have NO right to defend the mali embassy, with this argumentation ! The police job was to defend the manifastation, NOT the embassy NOT the german public against the people on the action! So they broke their own service-job for what they get paid by the german public with taxes!

Because this very individual chaotic situation it was very hard to collect legal informations about the police, so please excuse that follow informations are very less and maybe too less to use them in any legal way.

a) Riotpolice-Units in dark blue/black uniforms (maybe not usual riotpolice, maybe "special units")

(having only numbers on their back; few singular persons had also name-shields, the others DIDNT had name-shilds even they uniform is showing that they HAVE the function to have some so it should be a force to use name-shilds because the german state wouldnt pay uniforms with name-shild fields if there is no rule to use them?! because all this coast german public taxes!):

11223 (with Guns! The Riotpolice is not allowed to wear Guns on Demonstrations because for this there are special units which also coast more money)
11215 (Taking Prisoners)

Misses Parrhysius
Mr Al Hourani

Mr Heinze
Mr Brosinksi
(both were using the Forcement-Stick BEFORE the Order to be allowed to do this came and were using them in a aggressive FORBIDDEN way to hold them in the way that the stick is coming from up do down, the police is ONLY allowed to use them from down to up, to defend strong hurts/wounds on persons)

b) Police-Cars


c) Police-Telephone (Number of the Telephone-Equickment, not meaning the telephone number)


d) State-Protection (LKA)

min. 1 unit, were civil wearing green wests

e) MAYBE minimum TWO Agents in civil without giving information to which institution they coming from. Maybe any Secret Service.

f) City-Police

Mr. Waga
Police Destrict 24

Mr Kretschmer
Misses Schönfeld
Mr/Misses Müller


g) Leadership of Police Action

Mr Zahlten (A Leader of Police Action have, 4 Stars on the Shoulder to get identifated)

Mr Krüger (On the Side of Leader of the Police Action)

h) the telephone-number of the police for citizans (its not saying that this number is only for german citizans!): 030 - 466-4664

i) one "Contact-district-Officier" (This units are most old persons which are on the way to go into their old-time-holiday, going into "difficult" areas to create a peaceful dialoque between public groups for example rockers or punkers or gangsters with the police to deescalate political and social conflicts)

Advice for next time:

DONT TALK to singular police persons! they have NO authority to give you orders or say you what you must do! They are not able to give you your rights doesnt matter how nice you explain them why you think that you are allowed to do what you wanna do! they are just tools of execution system, just "soldiers" following orders.

DONT TALK to singular persons of organisations which are not able to speak in your name. speak with the official levels of these organisations (for example on their meetings to work together with them).

DONT ask for your rights alone. GET a lawyer and let them FORCE the other side to give you your rights!

DONT let you give you promisses from people which breaking already their own job to the people giving them money and authority for their job (like the embassy of mali people!), speak to them which giving them authority for their job and tell them that their people making bad job. On the homepage of mali you can write emails, but only with a registrated account, I guess everyone from mali is allowed to get a account-information. USE IT! USE YOUR RIGHTS as mali citizans to tell your own gouvernment whats going on here in germany!

inform yourself about your rights in germany. there are different views of how rights can be used. find people or levels which are on your side or giving you feeling to trust them. use this rights ! The police and the embassy is not allowed to break this rights, you can send the embassy person into prison (the immunity as political person can be stopped by the parliament if they must recognize that there CAN BE a crime going on against germans rules from the embassy persons; this happens directly if the lawer of state is going to give you sign that your "Anzeige"/Message that crime is going on is getting accepted and proved) if they do.

dont give your trust away to singular persons speaking for you with lawers or in a political way! - do it of yourself. You can use for example the "Rote Hilfe eV" a radical left organisation to support you with lawers and political activism. for this you can visit their meetings every wendsday in the house project "lunte" in neukölln (U Boddingstrasse) :

The EA (Ermittlungssausschuss) is only giving you lawers if you already arrested. They collect informations about arrests, they dont help you BEFORE you get arrested. But you need legal support direct DURING you doing actions to know what you can do and how you can do. Because if the police is breaking the law, you are allowed to attack them, you are allowed to ignore their orders! Because if the embassy is breaking the law, you are allowed to force the police to arrest them (so they must come out of their building, so they are leaving the terretory of mali and enter german ground), if they dont do, you are allowed to do it of yourself.

But all this informations are made by private person, so this comment can have maybe lot of failuers, PLEASE CHECK everything out of yourself or let it check by people which having more experiences. Hope it was a little bit helpfull for your long way through the different institutions here in germany creating a system which forbid you to get rights to stay here in europe, as you all wish.

best regrets! and thank you for the vegan cookies and the honour to speak with you and become informed about your situation!

Link to photos

Freedom March 15.03.2014 - 17:43