Speak Out For Russia – Tuesday 3 Sept

Anna Frank 25.08.2013 02:17 Themen: Gender Repression
Soon world leaders will meet President Putin in St Petersburg, Russia. It’s a massive opportunity for us to build the pressure. If we gather in our thousands just before the meeting, on Tuesday 3 Sept, we can push world leaders to ask President Putin to repeal the anti-gay law, face-to-face.
Find An Event Near You

•London, UK – September 3: Click here
•New York, USA – September 3: Click here
•Seattle, USA – September 3: details to come
•Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – September 3: details to come

Lots of events are happening on Tuesday 3 Sept, but there are some on other dates – it just shows how much energy is bubbling up! Click here to check out big events on other dates:
•Montevideo, Uruguay – August 29: Click here
•Ottawa, Canada – August 24: Click here
•Paris, France – September 13: Click here

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Download and print out an All Out poster

Click here to download the "Speak Out For Russia" and "Love Always Wins" poster:  https://www.allout.org/en/russia-posters

Create Your Own Event

If there's no event near you in the list above, you could set up your own! Follow the step-by-step guide.

1. Search online to find a good place to hold your event. If you’re in a city, perhaps there’s a Russian Embassy. Your parliament, city chambers or even town square could also be good places to meet.

2. Decide on an exact time and place to meet - pick a place that’ll be easy for people to find. Make sure it’s after office hours on Tuesday 3 September.

3. Search online if your local authority requires you to get a permit of any kind, it varies from country to country and place to place.

4. Set up a Facebook event (instructions) and email the link to  events@allout.org. Invite all your Facebook friends and tell everyone you know by phone and email! Not everyone uses Facebook, but All Out doesn't have a way to set up events on our website yet, so it's probably the best way we have for now of spreading the word about an event.
Click here to see the next steps

Please note that we are a truly tiny global team at All Out, and we probably won't be able to give as much help and assistance to members organising events as we'd like to.

If you've got any more questions try asking other members on All Out's Facebook page for advice, and we'll do out best to chip in with advice and thoughts too where we can. Thanks for understanding!

Global Speak Out for Russia – Tuesday 3 Sept in partnership with (in alphabetical order):
•Human Rights Campaign
•Peter Tatchell Foundation
•Truth Wins Out

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