Migration demo: police officer in charge is disempowered by Kavala

RAV - translation 04.06.2007 23:14 Themen: G8 Heiligendamm Repression
Several lawyers of he legal team participated in the “demonstration for the freedom of global movement and equal rights in Rostock", which course was blocked massively by the MAO Kavala. Police with eight water canons and evacuation van surrounded the demo participants for several hours and delayed the beginning oft the march for more or less two hours. They stopped it from time to time because the demonstration laws were reportedly not observed. During the demonstration the press office of Kavala claimed, it was stopped because 2.500 disguised, violent participants were present. There the police officer in charge said however that there was no criminal offense and there was no disguised participant at all.
When the demo arrived Parkstrasse at around 17:15 the officer in charge announced, that the approved demo route was illegal due to an order oft the demo authority. The reason for that was that the demo was registered only for 2.000 participants, but 10.000 were present. The legal team pointed out that this is not a legal argument for an actual prohibition of the demo at all and that the demo authority thought of 5.000 participants when it gave its approval. The runaround route would lead through deserted streets in the industrial area anyway and not to the inner city. Therefore the demo organization offered to walk a runaround route, which would have led through broad avenues in the inner city. The official argument of the demo authority of the seemingly too many participants was therefore out-dated.

Despite the remonstration of the officer in charge, Kavala insisted on the factual prohibition of the demonstration without giving a real reason.

The legal team was not able to achieve anything although it tried several tactics. This confirms the impression that the legal team/lawyers emergency department has for a couple of days: Kavala does on the one hand search for escalation and on the other hand it disempowers the officers in charge.

For further information contact the press office of the legal teams/lawyers emergency department via this numbers: 01577-4704760, 0163-6195151, 0179-4608473.
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