Nazi Demos and Counter Actions in Schwerin

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After the ban on both the NPD march and the Antifascist counter-demo in Schwerin, around 150 Antifascists were held in police custody. 41 Nazi buses traveled from Schwerin to Rostock. There were small Nazi marches in several German towns.

The Higher Administrative Court of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern confirmed today a demonstration ban on both the NPD and the Antifascist federation's events. The court had agreed with the argument of Schwerin's Mayor, that violent confrontations were feared if the demonstrations took place. The court decision came at 10am, as Nazis and around 150 Antifascists had already gathered in the city. The police enforced the demonstration ban partly with "Platzverweisen" (banning entry into a space), as well as denying people access to streets leading to the meeting point. After the court decision, the Antifascists assembled at the main train station were surrounded by Police. At 1pm, the first 40 people were taken into police custody. At 3pm individuals tried to break out of the police ring. The arrested people were taken to the prisoner collection point at Graf-Yorck-Straße in Schwerin.

After the demonstration ban, 41 Buses with Nazis made their way from Schwerin to Rostock. They were stopped by many police buses just before they reached the city and turned around.

At 12pm there was a NPD demonstration at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. A local radio station reported around 140 participants. There were also demonstrations in further German towns, including Dortmund, Potsdamm, Lüneburg (1 | 2) and Greifswald.

Update:According to the Legal Teams, as of 6:00pm over 100 arrested at the Schwerin main train station were still detained without being charged. More recent reports, however, say most of them have been released now.

The single incidents in chronological order: Breaking News

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